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Denial-of-Service Attack Against Electronic Car Locks

6.11.2007 | BUSLab

This was accidental, but it could certainly be done on purpose:Some cars failed to start on Tuesday in Parrock Street car park, in Gravesend, Kent, while others would not unlock.[...]A spokesman said "weeks of sleuthing" by council officers had them looking for a rogue transmitter or wireless...

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Prní schválený dodavatel FBI pro federální kontrolu otisků prstů

6.11.2007 | BUSLab

V září se firma Fahlgreen Solutions, LLC, stala první společností ve Státech, která bude implementovat dozorčí řešení 100% založené na internetu, které bud posílat výsledky skenování otisků prstů z přístupových zařízení přímo do FBI.

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Apple fixes QuickTime

6.11.2007 | BUSLab

Six critical holes patched.Apple has patched seven bugs in QuickTime in the new version 7.3 for Mac OS X and Windows.

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Hackers exploiting bug in DRM shipped with Windows

6.11.2007 | BUSLab

The SafeDisc copy-management scheme in Windows XP and Server 2003 comes with a little something extra: A vulnerability hackers have been exploiting for several weeks.

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Leopard firewall breaking Skype, WoW and other programs

6.11.2007 | BUSLab

Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea that Apple decided the firewall in Mac OS X Leopard should be deactivated by default. It turns out that it signs programs retrospectively in the "Set access for specific services and programs" settings - and can affect program integrity as a result. Complaints...

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Storm worm evolution continues

5.11.2007 | BUSLab

The Storm worm is now more streamline and stable after malware authors ditched some key functions from the malicious code, according to researchers from Symantec.The worm no longer infects other legitimate drivers on the system, instead relying on its own proprietary components to "do its dirty work". It also...

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20 years in prison and $250,000 fine for hacking into the school's system to change grades

5.11.2007 | BUSLab

Two California men are facing 20 years in prison on charges they hacked into a California state university's PeopleSoft system to change their grades. In an October 25 grand jury indictment, John Escalera, 29, and Gustavo Razo, 28, were charged with using Escalera's position within California State University, Fresno's IT...

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New Jersey spammer gets two years in jail

4.11.2007 | BUSLab

A 28-year-old man from the U.S. state of New Jersey was jailed for more than two years by a New York judge on Friday for his part in a spamming operation that sent out millions of unsolicited emails....

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Carnegie Mellon Researchers Fight Phishing Attacks with Phishing Tactics

3.11.2007 | BUSLab

Early findings by Carnegie Mellon University researchers suggest that people who are suckered by a spoof email into visiting a counterfeit Web site are also people who are ready to learn their lesson about "phishing" attacks.Phishing attacks have become a common method for stealing personal identification information, such as...

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Symantec Anti Virus for Macintosh Mount Scan Feature Lets Local Users Gain Root Privileges

3.11.2007 | BUSLab

A vulnerability was reported in Symantec Anti Virus for Macintosh. Certain local users can obtain root privileges on the target system. ...

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