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C1sc0 | E-mail22.8.2011 12:13
To upload log file, you can simply use DropBox :)
C1sc0 | E-mail11.7.2011 12:01
New version is out :)
C1sc0 | E-mail11.7.2011 11:56
Thanks :) a new version coming soon :D
M3RRY | 217.117.216.*9.7.2011 23:13
Good job man :)
C1sc0 | E-mail8.7.2011 19:04
You have right. In assembly it's little hard to write some app :D, but c++ good idea :D Thanks!
jadus. | 85.161.193.*8.7.2011 18:53
Ok, but it's still depend on framework. You can write keylogger in Assembly, C, C++ and BASIC or Delphi (:-D just kidding) but not in language dependent on any framework. Yea it's possible, but impractical. Trust me!
C1sc0 | E-mail8.7.2011 18:36
You doesn't need to install anything if you have Windows 7 .... .NET 3.5 already installed. :)
jadus. | 85.161.193.*8.7.2011 17:40
It's very unpractical... It's look like python virus :-D "Please install python before run this safe program"
C1sc0 | E-mail5.7.2011 12:33
It doesn't need hundred of MBs to run .NET 4.0 is approx.: 40 MB and If you want, you can use my code to write a console application. Which needs only .NET 2.0 what is already bulit in in XP or later... :)
sL | 89.103.69.*5.7.2011 9:41
Well, keylogger which needs to download hundreds of MBs to run isn't really practical and it won't be the first thing I would use to spy on my girlfriend, but thx anyway ;)

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