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Keylogger in C# v1.1 - Updated 2011.07.12. - 07:35

Autor: C1sc0   

A simple keylogger written in c#

Using this keylogger to log/record other people’s keystrokes without their knowledge can be considered as an illegal activity!
It is the final user’s responsibility to obey all applicable local,state,and federal laws!
This tutorial is intended for educational purpose only!
I assume NO liability and I’m NOT responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this keylogger!

Demo application: download NEW - 2011.07.11
(You will need to install .NET 4.0 to run the application, approx.: 40 MB or you can try to bulid with .NET 3.5 what is already installed on PC running Win 7 op. system)

Full project, source: download
The new project currently unavailable to download.



Tutorial coming soon, but I don't have enough time :( and if You want ask :D

In v1.1:

+ sending logs to an e-mail address, with gmail smtp - finished - testing
+ uploading logs to an ftp server - finished - testing
+ adding all special characters - finished - testing
+ hiding from task managers application list - finished - testing
+ using a keyword to show the main window - finished
+ getting the URLs which are in focus - finished - disabled
+ active windows caption (form names) - finished - testing
+ run whew windows is started - finished
+ optional - kill task manager - finished - disabled
+ get of list any running processes - disabled
+ custom secret word - finished
+ auto hide at startup - finished

If you hava any idea then quietly share :)

Commands(just type anywhere):

show main window - "secret"
send report (e-mail) - "sendmail"*
send report (ftp) - "uploadtoftp"*
hide - "spymode"
close the application - "kill"

Bad words: (sex, violence and what you want) good if you want catch some word

* Before sending you must add some credentials in Edit > Delivery settings :)

Main Window:

Delivery Settings:

Other Settins:

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